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As soon as the former online replica Chanel shop, SightFocus, was identified to be attempting to advertise and sell replica Chanel goods, legal action was taken against the owners and operators of the outlet. The products and operators of the outlet were found to be in violation of multiple of Federal laws. A U.S. District Court ordered the shop domain name,, transferred from the former owners of the outlet to CHANEL. The Court also ordered that damages paid by the former replica store operators, which amounted to a total of more than  $1,000,000.00.

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Hello and welcome from SightFocus.

We at SightFocus look forward to a new beautiful CHANEL bag. CHANEL handbags give us a feeling of happiness and appreciation for the luxury and beauty that only CHANEL can deliver.


However, we could never value a replica Chanel purse. A replica Chanel grande shopping tote we once noticed being sold at a discount outlet listed at a tempting price of $299.00. Such a replica bag is likely to be of poor quality resulting from the use of low quality control, substandard materials and inept workmanship. A replica bag is an infringing and illegal fabrication using CHANEL-owned marks and designs, without permission. It is good to remember that a fake will never equal the real CHANEL.

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