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As soon as the former online replica Chanel shop, SightFocus, was identified to be attempting to advertise and sell replica Chanel goods, legal action was taken against the owners and operators of the outlet. The products and operators of the outlet were found to be in violation of multiple of Federal laws. A U.S. District Court ordered the shop domain name,, transferred from the former owners of the outlet to CHANEL. The Court also ordered that damages paid by the former replica store operators, which amounted to a total of more than  $1,000,000.00.

About SightFocus Replica Chanel Shop


Sightfocus was formerly an online replica Chanel shop that featured a selection of the best replica Chanel designer handbags at a discount that were priced between $109.00 $209.00. The replica Chanel 2.55 quilted flap bag in colors white, red, purple, pink, orange, grey, green, blue and black was listed at the retail price of $179.00, wholesale at $129.00. The replica Chanel semi-shiny python large tote in black, item no. 40343 was best priced at $199.00.


The handbags that were offered for sale at the online Chanel replica store were fakes being manufactured and sold illegally. The items have been permanently removed and are not available for purchase. By court order, the former owners have lost ownership of this domain and will not be returning to continue to break the law offering for sale Chanel replica handbags or wallets at this website. The owners faced legal actions and subsequent judgments against them. The penalties for these crimes can be severe. but sometimes they do not throw off the persistent desire of the networks of criminal enterprises who's main goal is to make quick profits, often by selling fake handbags, to fund further crimes.


One of the ways to help to prevent criminals from burdening individuals and society is for consumers to insist on purchasing only original authentic products and diligently avoid all Chanel fakes. Across the board, staying away from replicas and illegal products, and insisting on staying with the authentic, is the best option.

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